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What is Included in Our Compliance Check?

Ensuring compliance within a real estate agency is not just about adhering to regulations—it’s about fostering trust, maintaining professionalism, and protecting all parties involved in property transactions. Our comprehensive compliance check is designed to ensure that your agency meets all necessary legal and regulatory requirements, particularly those outlined in the Property and Stock Agents Act and Regulation. Here’s a detailed look at what our compliance check includes:

1. Agency Compliance as per the Property and Stock Agents Act and Regulation

We review your agency’s adherence to the Property and Stock Agents Act and Regulation, ensuring that all practices and procedures align with legal requirements. This includes verifying that all operations are conducted within the framework of the law, maintaining the integrity and legality of your business practices.

2. Register of Employees as per NSW Fair Trading

Maintaining a current and accurate register of employees is crucial. We check that your agency’s employee register complies with NSW Fair Trading requirements, ensuring that all employee details are up-to-date and accurately recorded.

3. Currency of Licences & Certificates of Registration

We verify that all licences and certificates of registration for agents and employees are current and valid. This step ensures that everyone working in your agency is legally qualified to perform their duties.

4. CPD Compliance

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is vital for keeping your team’s knowledge and skills up to date. We ensure that all agents and employees meet CPD requirements, tracking their participation in relevant training and educational activities.

5. Agency Policy & Procedures

In accordance with the Licensee responsibilities under Section 32 of the Property and Stock Agents Act 2002, we review your agency’s policies and procedures. This includes ensuring that you have robust, well-documented processes that align with statutory obligations.

6. Supervision Guidelines

Effective supervision is crucial for maintaining compliance. We check that your agency follows appropriate supervision guidelines, ensuring that all activities are adequately monitored and managed by qualified supervisors.

7. Procedures for Handling Complaints

Handling complaints effectively and efficiently is essential for maintaining client trust and regulatory compliance. We review your procedures for dealing with complaints to ensure they are comprehensive, fair, and in line with legal requirements.

Inspection of Sales & Property Management Files

We conduct a thorough inspection of a random sample of your sales and property management files, focusing on the following areas:

1. Use of Correct Documentation (Agency Agreements)

We ensure that all agency agreements are correctly used and properly documented, confirming that they meet legal requirements and protect both the agency and the client.

2. Use of Privacy Policy

Protecting client information is paramount. We check that your agency has a robust privacy policy in place and that it is consistently applied to safeguard client data.

3. Auction Procedures

We review your auction procedures to ensure they comply with the Regulations of 2022, covering everything from the conduct of auctions to the documentation and reporting requirements.

4. Estimated Selling Price Substantiation

Accurate and substantiated estimated selling prices are essential for transparency and trust. We verify that your agency meets the Commissioner’s requirements for substantiating estimated selling prices, ensuring accuracy and honesty in your listings.

5. Use of Disclaimers

Disclaimers can protect your agency from liability. We check that appropriate disclaimers are used where necessary and that they are clear and legally sound.

6. Banking Procedures

Proper handling of client funds is critical. We review your banking procedures to ensure they are secure, transparent, and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

7. Key and Tradesman Registers

We check your key and tradesman registers to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date, helping to maintain security and accountability within your property management operations.

8. Advertising & Procedures

Misleading and deceptive claims in advertising can lead to significant legal issues. We review your advertising materials and procedures to ensure that all claims are truthful, clear, and compliant with regulations.

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Our comprehensive compliance check is designed to ensure that your real estate agency operates within the bounds of the law, maintains high standards of professionalism, and mitigates risks. By covering every aspect from legal documentation to daily procedures, we help you maintain a trustworthy and legally compliant operation. Ensuring compliance not only protects your agency but also enhances your reputation, building trust with clients and stakeholders alike.

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