Talk about confusion! Fair Trading in the establishment of a CPD year has caused absolute confusion in relation to when an Agent must undertake their CPD.

What does the law say? 

  1. Every Agent must do the CPD applicable for that year; and
  2. It is a condition of the Agent’s license that they complete their CPD requirements.

In discussions with Fair Trading officials, Leverage believes the law is clearly:-

  1. You must do the compulsory CPD for every year; and
  2. You must complete your hours before the renewal of your licence.

In other words, it is not the 23 March each year that is your CPD renewal date. The renewal date and the completion of your CPD must be undertaken before your renewal.

If you do not complete it before your renewal, Fair Trading may consider it on the conditions on your licence. Where an Agent has breached a condition of their licence, Fair Trading may use this to take disciplinary action.

If you do not achieve your training prior to the 23 March of each year, you can complete it after that date. What is important to Fair Trading is that you complete the CPD for each year so that you get the compulsory education for each of those years.