Any business owner can get a Monkey on their back if they haven’t got the right setup!
Which Monkey do you potentially have on your Back?


Monkey 1

Have an employee that is out on Site  ? Well Accidents can Happen  Transfer that monkey to the Insurance company that holds your PUBLIC LIABILITY Insurance How ? Make sure that the broker is Aware you have staff on site and they might break something and need coverage.


Monkey 2

Employee doesn’t know when to stop talking to get that Sale!  Potential for making misleading promises that is now your PROBLEM Transfer that monkey to your Professional Indemnity Insurer How ? Tell them of any potential Claim. As soon as you tell the insurer or broker there is a potential claim, that Monkey is Gone. 


Monkey 3

Any Employees that are Klutz’s? They fall over their own shadow?  Transfer that monkey to Workers Compensation Insurance, they should cover all costs for that hurt employee.


How to never get these Monkeys on your back!!

Set up your Insurance policies correctly BEFORE the event. After the event is TOO LATE. 


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