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Who Might You Unintentionally Invite?

By Bailey Compton 31 May 2024

I am surrounded by conspiracy theorists. I want a dollar for every mad theory thrown at me, but one of them came true.

Somebody, someone who will remain nameless, said to me “I wonder when a development is settling, whether the Developer changes the locks or does he give everyone the same key?” My reaction was, “Don’t be an idiot, of course he gives everyone a separate key. He would be mad not to.” Well, I was wrong!

I had a woman in my course recently who told me a frightening story. She was in her investment property with a carpet cleaner. Another tradesman entered the apartment using a key. She thought he was sent from the agency. She asked why he was there as she had not ordered the agency to undertake any work. This is where it gets interesting!

The tradesman showed her a work order that instructed him to repair the plumbing in Number 8. Our investor lived in Number 7. They looked at the key and found that it was Number 8, but it opened Number 7.

They tried the key on other doors and found it opened every door on that floor. Everyone in that building held a master key. The theory came true! Someone was lazy or tight and gave everyone the same key.

The agent wasn’t to blame. They were just given a key. It is a strata issue, which the strata took no notice of. Our lady changed her own locks before the strata manager considered this as a real issue.

This is one of the more dangerous stories I have seen. Unexpectedly, you could be welcoming burglars, thieves or worse into your house. A single woman living alone would be at great jeopardy.

When buying an apartment or managing it, check the key. Not everyone is welcome!